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This program gives K9 handlers the opportunity to join Kilo9 Academy and get consistent on-the-job training and work experience. We help them find a permanent placement once they have built up sufficient experience, knowledge and qualifications during their time with the academy.


We will only be taking on 1 to 2 handlers at a time, as to not water down their experience with us. 

Donation options:

We will not be initiating a handlers bursary unless we have at least 6 month budget for them. You can donate a month and it will go into a wallet until minimum 6 month budget is available. We want to give the handlers some long term stability and optimal opportunity to learn. 

There are also longer term packages were you can donate a 6 month package or a one year package. The max we do is 1 year at a time because the goal is to get them a placement where they can continue to build their career. ​​​

1 MONTH - R 27 000 /

± $ 1 500

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6 MONTH - R 162 000 /

± $ 9 000

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1 YEAR - R 324 000 /

± $ 18 000

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What we offer them and the monthly financial value of it:

  • Handler Stipend ± R 6 000 per month

  • Accommodation ± R 4 000 per month

  • Food / Meals ± R 3 000 per month

  • 4 week student program at Kilo9 Academy ± R 42 000

± R 55 000 / ±  $ 2 900 Monthly Bursary Value

Once-off Cost included in the Bursary: 

  • Dog Training Kit: ± R 6 000 

  • Full Training & Working Uniforms: ± R5 000  

  • DH (dog handling) 1 - 5 qualification: R 35 000

± R 46 000 / ± $ 2 500 Once-off Costs per Handler


Erens Boya



Current situation:



We were introduced to Erens when he was part of a 4 week handler training program. 

He took to the training very quickly but his work ethic and drive was immediately noticeable. We immediately wanted to nurture that passion and  motivation by giving him every opportunity we had available. On his off days during the month he often came to the Academy to fall in with our training/working etc so he could learn as much as we can.

Erens is one of the guys we think can rise all the way to instructor, on top of his handler and trainer qualifications. This will give him more options for his permanent placement after his time with us. 

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