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About Kilo9 Academy

When we think of Africa, it is often as a sanctuary for some of earth’s greatest megafauna. Sadly, even the mighty elephant and rhino are falling to poachers’ guns, and if we are to protect our natural resources, we can’t do it alone.

This is where our special relationship with dogs come in. Their superior skills in scent work and ability to non-lethally apprehend a fleeing criminal, make them invaluable team members.

Our sniffer dogs are trained to detect illegal wildlife products such as pangolin, rhino horn, lion bone, turtle species, bats and more. Equally important is invasive species detection, as well as the monitoring of elusive species. 


Tracking humans (poachers) is an extremely valuable skill for the security of a reserve. We focus on developing operational tracking dogs, as well as the handlers who will work with these amazing dogs in the field.


We mainly use shepherd breeds as they are versatile. We are open to use rescues where possible. As long as the motivation is there, any dog can become part of our team.

We employ a wide range of positive training methods and guide our dogs to learn through self-discovery. This allows the dogs to do what they are inherently capable of. Our handler programmes focus on showing handlers that the dogs work independently if the right training is applied and high standards are maintained. We instil a sense of pride in our handlers, as well as respect towards their k9 partners.

Looking ahead, we see our well-trained dogs continue conservation efforts globally. We want to raise the standard and expectations of care for working dogs in South Africa. It is our aim to share our training skills with new trainers and instil passion for wildlife and natural spaces. 


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My time with Kilo9 was nothing short of amazing.   Being surrounded by some of the most breathtaking wildlife the planet has to offer while getting hands on experience working with and training K9's is something I will never forget.

Alex Hopkins - USA

Since training with Kilo9 Academy, I have been able to take my working dog to an operational level. I still receive ongoing support and highly recommend this K9 Academy

 Daniel Haesslich- Germany 

I spent 2 weeks at Kilo9 Academy and got to train with active anti-poaching K9  units in the field. Amazing experience, I will be back next year

Jere Hietala - Finland


Training with Kilo9 Academy has given us new opportunities and amazing experiences. Working alongside rangers in the bush has been unforgettable. contributing to conservation efforts, learning and sharing experience has been amazing.

Warrick and Ryan Gibbs - South Africa

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