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With her name meaning “she who is black” in Sanskrit, our Kali was named after the well-known Hindu goddess, who is not only a strong motherly figure but also the destroyer of evil.

A Dutch Shepherd bred from FCI bloodlines in Romania, Kali is also what some refer to as a ball junkie. This makes her highly trainable, as she is super motivated. She is quite an intense girl but is extremely affectionate with her handlers and loves spending time with the rangers at camp. When she is not on patrol, Kali can be found enjoying her time off on her handler’s bed.

For most of her career, she has worked in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where she acts as a sniffer dog checking vehicles for firearms and illegal wildlife products. Kali also enjoys tracking, and although she is not yet at operational level, her training is progressing well.


Sigge, a Malinois Dutch Shepherd mix, is our feisty little princess. Her father is a titled PSA2 dog, and the drive shows in her attitude. Although small, this girl likes to bite. She is trained as a detection dog for firearms and has been working in Swaziland for the past two years. Sigge has recently returned to South Africa and is now in training to learn tracking skills before she is assigned to her new post in Mozambique. Once bonded with her handler, she is soft and lovable. However, don’t be fooled by her size and timid nature – Sigge is a firecracker.



Chiwa, our big Dutch Shepherd cross Malinois, was bred from legendary IPO bloodlines. Chiwa’s grandfather was a multiple champion, and the drive has most certainly come down the line.

He is a vocal boy who loves his ball more than anything. Recently he transferred to the Kalahari Desert with his handler where he works as a sniffer dog for firearms. Chiwa is adding tracking to his skill set as there is more demand for a tracker at his new post. He has quickly taken to tracking/trailing and is loving his new home in the Kalahari.

Chiwa is the goofball of the lot, but don’t be fooled – he packs immense power in his bite.


Bandit is brother to Blake, from an exceptional KNPV bloodline. Together, these two are known as the “brothers of destruction”, as they are both notorious for being protective of their handlers, with whom they share a deep bond. Bandit has been part of multiple operations with South African Police Service specialised units. Not only has he helped to recover multiple firearms and pangolin, Bandit has also come to his handler’s rescue in a life-threatening situation while arresting suspects in the bush. We are ever grateful for his display of bravery on that day. Bandit is trained as a detection and patrol dog, and because of his experience, he also helps as a training dog to teach new trainers decoy skills in protection work.



Rolo, our youngest boy, is a Dutch Shepherd male from KNPV lineage. He is a gentle dog but enjoys biting his reward pillow. Rolo is still young but is already displaying stable nerves in defence and has fun during prey-dominant bite-work sessions. Rolo has been tracking from the start and promises to become a serious operational tracking dog. He is motivated and has a steady pace on the track. Rolo is highly affectionate with people and is super social with other dogs. He likes to wrestle and pin down anyone willing to play fight with him, which has earned him the nickname Khabib Nurmagomadov.


Bliksem (direct translation: “damn it”) is the daughter of our two top dogs, Kali and Bandit. Her drive is top tier, and she’s always looking for something to do. Bliks’s previous owner had work complications due to Covid and could no longer keep her. He reached out to us, and we happily took her in. Resembling her mother, we often refer to her as Kali V2.0. She is an extremely motivated dog, this makes training both productive and challenging. Once she understands what is expected of her, she goes for it full throttle. We have high expectations for her future. She is currently in training for tracking and patrol work.



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