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Chrisjan has always had a passion for nature and wildlife. At the start of the rhino-poaching crisis, he enlisted and completed rigorous training to become an active anti-poaching ranger who lived in the bush 24/7 on 16-day patrols. During these years spent in the bush, he realised that well-trained working dogs could make rangers much more effective in deterring and apprehending poachers. Chrisjan took on a beautiful, mixed-breed rescue dog he named Bane, and so his journey began as a dog trainer. He spent years studying multiple dog training systems and combined this with his own in-field and operational experience. Knowing what is expected of dogs, he strives to develop dogs that will do the job at a high level.



Simone Troskie was the co-founder and backbone of the entire operation. 

Simone left the big city and moved to the bush where she would train multiple working dogs, aid with rescue and rehabilitation of rescued animals like pangolin and many other. Simone has an incredible love for all living creatures and will give everything she can to help animals in need. She uplifted the standard of care for working dogs wherever she went.

She has since moved on to pursue a different career. Without her, none of this could have grown to what it is today and we are eternally grateful to her.

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